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Secrets Enemy

Secrets Enemy


Explosive family secrets leave long shadows... 


It was an ordinary day in the James household... until it wasn't. A friendly game of hide and seek turns into a nightmare for six-year-old Hunter. 

Ten years on, Hunter James is an accomplished athlete, leading a new life with his extended family as they try to carve out some semblance of normality. But things aren't always as clear-cut as they seem. Destiny, Hunter's new sixteen-year-old best friend, has a closely-guarded family secret which inextricably connects the innocent pair. As Hunter's family start to connect the dots, they realize something's not quite right and call on trustworthy barrister colleague, Todd Banks, for help. 


Then BANG! It's all out there. 


Tight-knit inner circles implode into intricate ripples of dark family secrets, lies, betrayal, and deceit ... where everyone is hellbent on getting the justice they feel they deserve. 


Despite the consequences, will lives be lost, justice restored, relationships saved? 

Find out in this nerve-jangling tale of suspense that prompts us to appreciate those ordinary days ... because everything can change forever in a single breath.

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