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Secrets Begin

Secrets Begin


Khalil Gilliam has been surrounded by poverty, crime and violence all his young life. A body bag, prison or a miracle are his only hopes of escaping the dangerous streets of Boston.


Brought up in the cold confines of a single-parent home, Khalil isn't like his four siblings. Yes, he's street-wise; they all are. But he's also gifted - intellectually and athletically. If only he had an outlet for these gifts, he could turn his life around. Instead, Khalil lurks among the shadows of criminals to find answers to his questions.


Just when he thinks surviving another day is tough enough, there's a knock at the door. It's the police and a social worker. And they have an important message for him ... information about his family that everyone's kept secret for way too long. 


Will this explosive revelation tip him over the edge and catapult him into a deeper cycle of destruction? 


Or will it give his life new meaning, hope and the escape he so desperately needs? 


Find out in this high-octane, read-in-one-sitting psychological thriller that explores nature versus nurture and the catastrophic consequences of making wrong decisions.


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