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An excellent plot and definite page turner, it really had me on edge until the very end!!! The development of each character was executed distinctively and left wonder to reader to make up their minds of the connections with the main character Todd Banks. 

The dance of truth and lies continues with the second book in the Secrets series. I was really curious to see what was behind the quintessential bad-boy persona Khalil put on in Secrets End, the first book in the Secrets series, and this second story delivers. Khalil's adventures in Secrets Begin add a whole new dimension to what went down in the first book.

This was an excellent continuation of the story line "Secrets End". The awesome thing about this book is that even if you don't get a chance to read the first book, it is so good that it can stand on its own!!! I cannot wait to read the 3rd book in this series!!!! It can easily be a movie!!!! Fantastic Read!!!

Secrets Enemy, the final book of the trilogy has to be my favorite. Told from two perspectives, this book had me laughing and guessing throughout. The introduction of Hunter James and his story left me on edge. I felt like jumping into the pages to give him a hug. What an amazing story.

I really enjoyed the depth and dimension of his character and seeing "behind the curtain." Of course, just when you think all the secrets of the past are finally unraveled and exposed, a new one begins to unfold...

A great story that will give you hope and remind you that you only live once.

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